Hot wave... cold wave
Once there was a girl Sally with 2 sisters, 3 brothers, and their parents. They owned a farm, but it was winter time, so that family could not work on the farm. Her dad has a new job at a factory. Since all the kids are home-schooled they get to go outside a lot and they play in the snow almost every day. Her little brother James threw a huge snowball at her almost the size of a snowman. She had to go to the hospital because she suffered from frost bite. When she got the hospital it was 3 months after the incident. She got right off her feet and moved to Michigan. She went to college at Michigan State University. She saved Michigan from a huge snow gift from her little brother James. Since Sally knew what way the snow gift would come from she made a plan. She gave everybody a safe place to go even the police. Then she called the swat team from every state except Kansas to help her kick the big snow ball out of here and back to Kansas to hit her little evil brother James. She did as she said.
Her Victory Lead Her to be an honor of Michigan!!
Magic Tree House #10
Ghost Town at Sundown
This story is about these 2 kids named Jack and Annie. Jack and Annie go to a tree house that is magic, and there is a girl named Morgan. Morgan gave them a book titled Days of the Wild West, and a scroll. The scroll was a riddle. Jack and Annie wave Good-bye to Morgan, and then they said the magic words to go to on all there journey witch is . . . “I wish we could go there.” When they get there they read the riddle witch reads: Out of the blue, my lonely voice calls out with you. Who am I? Am I? Jack thought there has to be an mistake, because Am I? was written twice. So they went to find the solution to the riddle. They went into a town but they heard no voices. There were no human sounds at all. There were only buzzing files. They discovered that this was an ghost town. They keep on exploring. Then Jack and Annie went into another town. They went in a hotel and they saw a piano playing but there was no-one playing it. Suddenly the keys were still on the piano. The air got really cold. Jack kept on saying that there was no such thing as ghost. Jack and Annie went out of the hotel, and they heard another sound they thought that it was horse hooves. Turns out they were right. They both went to hide in barrels. They saw men who stole 2 mustangs and one of them were a child. Since the baby mustang was to slow they left it behind. Then the mustang owner came and thought Annie stole his mustangs, but then Jack and Annie told him that they were only trying to get the baby mustang to the his mother. Then they went after the people who stole the mother mustang they got the mustang and they went to the Blue Canyon. They camp for the night but Jack was still worried about finding the answer to the riddle. So he asked the horse owner “Slim” if knew the answer but Slim said no. Then it was morning they were getting ready to leave when Annie said good-bye something said bye then she said was that the ghost? “Nope” said Jack. “It was an echo caused by sound bouncing off the canyon walls” said Slim.
Polar Bears Past Bedtime

There are these 2 named Jack and Annie who go to a magic tree house.
Jack and Annie start there journey by, Jack seeing an owl he woke up Annie and told her that and owl was outside Jacks room. She woke up and saw the owl and thought that it was another sign of Morgan Le Fay a Master Librarian. They went to the tree house and Morgan was there waiting for them. She gave them a scroll.
The scroll reads:

I cover what’s real and hide what’s true. But sometimes I bring out the courage in you. What am I?

Then a seal hunter comes and says I had a dream that tells me that me that you need help. Annie says "Morgan sometimes gives dreams". Then he gave them small parkas coats (they are made of seal skin).
Then they went to go find the answer to the riddle. Then the seal hunter, Jack and Annie went to the seal hunters house. They saw a lot of things. Then Annie asked why they killed the animals. The seal hunter said " because they provide clothing and food. For return we give them a special ceremony for the animals. Like this polar bear I made 2 polar bear mask".Jack took both of the mask.
On there way Jack and Annie fond 2 polar bears playing so they went to play with them then they didn’t realize that they were on thin ice. Something started cracking. Then the mother polar bear came. Even though a female polar bear can way up to 750 pounds she can walk on thin ice to hold a person. When they both got over there both gave the polar bear a big hug.
Jack and Annie find the answer it was the 2 mask. Then they asked the seal hunter if he could take them back to the tree house. Then they gave him the coats and they got the Pennsylvania book and said I wish we could go there but the tree house did not start spinning then they saw a 5th riddle it read: Look at the first letters: the first not the rest. Discover the place that you love the best.
Then they began unrolling all the scrolls. The scroll from their adventure under the ocean a Oyster.
The scroll from their trip to the Wild West a Echo.
The scroll from their trip to Africa some honey.
The scroll from the Arctic a mask
Oyster, echo, honey and mask. The 1st letters O-E-H-M. "That makes no sense" said Annie. Then Jack said that they could unscramble the letters. Both Jack and Annie came up with home. Then Annie said I wish we could go home. They were in Pennsylvania. There was Morgan waiting for them she gave them there Master Librarians card and she said these can help them in there future journey’s. Then Jack and Annie went home.
Magic Tree House #15 Viking Ships at Sunrise by, Mary Pope Osborne Reported by, Andrea Williams
This book is about these 2 kids named Jack, and Annie who are now Master Librarians.
Jack and Annie wake up to go see if the tree house was there. Annie climbed up the ladder of the tree house and then Jack. Morgan gave them the riddle that told them what book they needed to find. Jack and Annie find out that they were going to Ancient Ireland. When they get there they climb up some really steep stairs. While they are tiring to get up the stairs a rope comes down. They were wondering who sent the rope down. Annie said let’s find out. Then she started up the stairs holding on the rope. Then Jack went up. A person named Brother Patrick caught them and thought that they were introducers. Brother Patrick thought this because the Vikings would take them to be slaves. Then they both pulled out their Master Librarians cards and showed him. Then he showed him the book they had to find. He took the 2 kids around the village. He showed them the room that he liked the most. The room wear they played chess, read, but best of all they wrote books and decorated them. Then Bother Patrick took them to Brother Michael and told them that they needed the book Serpens Magna. They fond the book but sadly it wasn’t finish so Jack and Annie left and then they saw the Vikings. Then they both rushed and hurried to warn everyone so they did. Then they got down and they had to hide but they had to get back to the tree house. Then they hid in one of the Vikings boat. They needed help controlling the boat. So there was the sea monster that pushed them to the shore. Then there were two Vikings up at the top of the cliff. Jack and Annie had to hurry and they made it back to Pennsylvania safe and they told Morgan that the book wasn’t finished. Then Jack and Annie went back home.

John Henry John Henry by, Vincent F.A. Golphin and Illustrated by, Christopher B. Clarke
This story is mostly about this guy named John Henry. John Henry worked at the C and O railroad it was new a railroad. What he did was build the railroad. He was the fastest one out of all those men. He was almost 7 feet tall, and you could hear his voice 1 mile on the breeze. John Henry only made $1.25 a day.
One day in 1870’s the foreman hired a Steam Engine Drill. All the men eluding John Henry were very, very mad. John Henry challenged the steam drill to see who was better a man or a machine. On Monday and Tuesday John worked on Wednesday he was finished, also the first one done and his boss said “I should have known that no machine could bet a steam driven man.”
Then John Henry died.