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Book: To Kill a Mockingbird
Author: Harper Lee

I read this book with my Dad. It is very exciting and it makes you very curious to find out what is next. In this book, the main characters are Scout, Jem, Dill, Atticus, Calpurnia, and Auntie. The story takes place in Maycomb County, Alabama, during the 1930’s. This was different time as they treated people differently because they were black. This book is about how a black man was treated unfairly in a trial and he was convicted even though he was innocent. A few years later, on Halloween Jem and Scout were walking home from a party and heard someone following them. It was Bob Ewell, who won the trial and he was mad at their father, Atticus, because he was the man against him in the trial. He was trying to hurt Jem and Scout. He died falling on his knife he was chasing the kids with. I liked this book because it was very exciting. It showed how people were treated unfairly and it makes me happy that I don’t live in those times.

Book: The Wednesday Wars
Author: Gary D. Schmidt

This book is about a boy, named Holling Hoodhood, and his teacher, Mrs. Baker and his life during the school year when he was in seventh grade. Holling does a lot of things in the story like save his sister, act in a William Shakespeare play where he had to wear yellow tights with white feathers on the butt, meet some famous baseball players, and gets on the varsity cross country team. Mrs. Baker makes him read William Shakespeare and he learns that the world is nothing like the classroom that he is in. The world is like a road that keeps going on with bumps in its path and stops that amaze you. Holling’s family is nothing like Mrs. Baker. Mrs. Baker is kind of like his family because she cares more about him than his family. His family only cares about the news and the dad’s job. They won’t even go to the hospital when he is hurt. During the story, it takes place in 1968, one of the teachers lost her husband in the war. And they had atomic bomb drills that were very annoying. I loved this story because it had a lot of good parts and was funny. This story shows you that life can be hard as a seventh grader.

Title: Pish Posh
Author: Ellen Potter
This is my favorite book. It is my favorite because it is about an eleven year old girl named Clara who has to solve a mystery on her own. She can’t do it with her parents because they are too busy running their restaurant. She has to meet another girl whose dad is a robber and a therapist. The girl, Annabelle, is a robber too. She is different than the average girl because she only wears one thing all the time, a black dress. The rooms in her house are all different, one is a tree climbing room, one is a carnival room, one is a beach, and there are other ones too. The mystery they have to solve is who the soup maker is that works in her dad’s restaurant. That is why this is my favorite book.

Title: The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flemel
Author: Michael Scott
So far this book is about these two normal human beings named Josh and Sophie. Sophie works in the Coffee Cup. Josh works at the bookstore across the street for a man named Nicholas Flemel. One day, an old man comes out of a car and does magical things with Nicholas Flemel. Nicholas has a special book that made him immortal. The book made him and his wife stay alive for a long time. The old man stole the book and kidnapped Nicholas's wife. Now, he must find this book and get his wife back. Josh and Sophie must help Nicholas because they have now got themselves into this and can not get out. I am reading this book with lots of excitement. I am still continuing it so I do not know how it ends yet.