blood_on_the_river.jpgTitle: Blood on the River
Author: Elisa Carbone
So far, Blood on the River is good. When they arrived in Virginia people spilt into groups and searched the area. They started building tents and a Chapel. Samuel and his friends fought a lot because when James got the water it was salty and Samuel would yell at him.
Then the Indians walked over to their territory and traded with the guards. When they were trading, Captain Smith saw them counting the tents and he thought that they were going to attack. Then, after the Indians left he told everybody that they were planning an attack. They all put amour on except for Reverend Hunt who did not believe him.
One night Samuel went for a walk in the woods and heard something, so he ran back to the tent. Then the first arrow hit their tent so Samuel and Richard went under the mattress but James ran to the ship. The Indians were trying to hit the tents because they didn’t want anyone on their land. Then a man named Captain Gosnold shot cannon and the Indians ran away. When he came back to the camp, he had something on his shoulder. It was James and he was dead. He got shot when he was running to the ship. Then they started to make a fort around their area.