Detroit Field Trip
Things we learned:

Things we liked:

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Mikaela Jadyn and Carolyn are in this group!

Carlos, Sean .l , Jamar
What Historical Museum

What we learned!
· At the Museum we learned a lot about old Detroit!
· We learned how the roads changed because first it was Boulders then stumps then bricks!
· We learned about the old Detroit stores from 1840.
· We also learned about the fire trucks back then.

Historic Museum
Zavier,Sean F, Dylan, Louie

What we learned
•We learned that Detroit was the capital at some time.
• We learned that if a light was on at a house the slaves could come in.
•Detroit was named after a French person.
•The streets in the 1840s were made out of stones and then in the 1870s they were logs then they were bricks in the 1920s.
What we liked
•We liked how much detail they put in to their art work.
•I liked when you could fake drive a car.
• I liked the car exhibit.
The Underground Railroad.
What we learned
We learned that baby’s could not go on the Underground Railroad.
• We learned that it was hard to get to Canada.

•We learned that white people could be slaves.
What we liked
•We liked how much they made it real.

• We liked when you could walk to Canada
•We liked the realness they put real dirt.
•We liked that we got the apples.