Jadyn.jpgFourth Grade Rats
We think that the ending should be where Judy sees Suds climbing up and down taller and smaller trees. She thinks they should start dating. And they did. All the dates go pretty well. Soon the date Suds had been waiting for all his life came. Judy thought it was time to move up to the next level of falling in love! All of a sudden they kissed in public!!! The kiss was great said Judy but the next level really was marring. When Suds got angry instead of taking a hot bath he took Judy’s idea of taking a piece of paper and balling it up and when he got mad he would throw it at the wall, just the wall not anything else so it wouldn’t break anything. And Joey is still in 4th grade and while he’s out of school he’s a Hobo and they can’t afford cable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time for more!!
The End!!!!!!