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Title: Countries of the World: Australia
Author: Kate Turner
Illustrator: National Geographic
Notes and Comments: Australia’s 1.largest predators are crocodiles. 2. “Salties” are salt water crocodiles. “Freshies” are crocodiles that live in fresh waters. 3. The area is 2,969,906 square miles and 7,692,024 square kilometers. 4. The population is 20,683,554. 5. Sheep stations can have as many as 100,000 sheep. 6. Australia’s living fossil is a platypus.

Response to Notes and Comments: I never knew that the living fossil is a platypus and that the largest predators are crocodiles.
Title: Wednesday Wars
Author: Gary D. Schmidt
Illustrator: No illustrator
Notes and Comments:
HoodHood was in a play and had to play Arirl a fairy and had to wear white feathers on the butt and yellow tights. He wanted Mickey Mantle to sign his baseball when he was wearing the fairy costume.

Response to Notes and Comments
I think that he would be embarrassed to be wearing a fairy costume when he was a boy.

Cold Wave
My brother thought that I could not stand the cold weather. So I proved that I could stand the cold than I went to the barn to milk the cows when I got to the barn all the cows were frozen! Then I went outside all the animals were frozen. I went to get Ma and Pa but they were not in the house. After I found Pa in the corn farm trying to thaw out the corn before the cold wave got colder. After it started to rain ice and that did not look pretty at all it started to head for the house than she had a great idea I went to the store to find storm blower to make the storm go away. I went back to the house and planted the seeds and in a flash it went away! Then the bees got mad.
Title: Country Explorers Australia
Author: Sean McCollum
Illustration: Learner Publishing Group, Inc
Notes and Comments:
The Sydney Opera House opened in 1973. When Australians get hungry they eat tucker (food). Most Australian's are Christians.Cricket is the most popular sport in Australia and Australian rugby is exciting, rough and tough.Rugby and Australian Rules are types of football.
Response to Notes and Comments:
I never knew that Cricket was the most popular sport and that Rugby and Australian Rules are a types of football.