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Ten Kids, No Pets
The Author: Ann M. Martin

Notes: There are 10 children in the Rosso family. (I think the mom is a little weird. She had all her children 1 year apart except for the twins. Also their names are all in alphabetical order.)
The Rosso family is moving to New Jersey and they have to go back and forth a lot because they forget something or they have to go potty. The first time, Jan the six year old has to go to the bathroom but she says that after every one is in the car. So Jan goes to the bathroom and everyone’s friends come to say goodbye. A half hour later mom looks at her watch and says,
“We have to go.”
Then dad notices his watch was gone and they found it. Then Jan has to go to the bathroom again so they all get in the car to wait. When they finally hit the road, after they had all of their potty breaks, they asked for a pet even though they knew the answer.
“I already have ten children.”school_pics._renee.jpg
“Uh-no,” said dad.
To be Continued

The Wednesday Wars
Holling Hoodhood isn’t Christian or Jewish. He is Presbyterian.
And every Wednesday at either 1:45 or 1:55 everybody leaves school except Holling Hoodhood. He has to stay with his teacher and rub the chalk board erasers together.

The only problem is his teacher hates his guts. When he tries to tell his mom, his mom only says that she can’t hate your guts on the first day of school. Then when he tries to tell his dad, he thinks he did something wrong that might hurt her feelings. Even though Holling tells him that he didn’t do any thing. But he tells Holling not to be mean because Holling’s teacher’s family’s business may want him to be the architect

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Wednesday Wars continued
Holling is spending Wednesday afternoons reading Shakespeare. The crazy thing about it is, at first he hated it but now he seems to like it. One day Mrs. Baker asks Holling to bring the cream puffs from the kitchen and then Mrs. Biggio tells Holling to take them one at a time because there were 12 plates of them. After he brought all them up then he was cleaning the chalk board erasers and the window was open right by the cream puffs. The cream puffs were for the wives of the Vietnam soldiers. Back to what happened to the cream puffs, then all the chalk got in the cream puffs and all the wives of the Vietnam soldiers nearly choked to death.

The Alchemyst
This story is about a 15 year old girl named Sophie and her twin brother Josh. In this book there is a husband and wife who never die because they have a book that lets them live forever. There is another person in this book who his name is John Dee and he is trying to steal the book.

In the first part of the story Dee sends clay made men to steal the book. This happens right before Josh’s eyes, because Nick (the guy who never dies owns the book store were Josh works and Sophie works across the street at the coffee shop).
The first part of the story is really good and I love it. When you start reading it you can’t stop it’s so good.

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