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The Cold Wave
[[file:Cold wave sl.doc]Name- Ralph. S Mouse
Author-Beverly Cleary
Illustrated-Paul O. Zenlinsky

What I liked about this book-
This book is one of the funniest books I've read in awhile! I can’t wait to tell you all about it! In the beginning we meet Ralph (the Mouse) who lives in the hotel under a big clock. Ralph only owns two things, a helmet and a miny toy motorcycle! One day his little cousins tell him they want to try his motorcycle but Ralph didn’t want them to break it so he said no. His cousins called him Greedy Ralph and threatened to tell his parents about him. He was scared, he didn’t want his parents to think he was greedy and mean.
He had one really good friend Matt, the bellhop! Ralph liked to ride his motorcycle in the lobby and sometimes he would get mud all over the floor. Matt was accused of making the lobby dirty because he didn’t want to rat on Ralph so he took the blame! Ralph was worried that Matt would get fired so Ralph asked a boy, Ryan who lives in the hotel to take him to school! Ralph wanted to live in the school so he could ride his motorcycle in the long, open hallways.
When they got off the bus and were at the school a bully named Brad was mean to Ryan because Ryan was a new kid at Irwin J Elementary School. When class started the teacher, Ms. K. told everyone to sit down! So Ryan put Ralph in his shirt pocket! Then Ralph bit a whole in Ryan’s pocket so he could see what was going on in the class! At the end of he day Ralph asked Ryan were he should sleep and Ryan said,” Melissa’s boot because she always leaves it at school”. So he did… The next day at school Ryan said, “Hey Ralph, you there? Yes I am! Ok well, don’t chew my shirt pocket anymore my mom got mad!” Ok, said Ralph, but Ralph kept chewing holes in Ryan’s shirts so Ryan took Ralph’s motorcycle as punishment.
All the kids at school knew Ryan’s friend Ralph, the mouse could talk even Ms. K. Ryan always knew that Ralph was very smart even though Brad kept saying that Ralph was stupid. So they decided to build a maze and have Ralph go through it so he could win his motorcycle back. The day of the maze race Brad hits Ryan in the chest which accidentally broke Ralph’s motorcycle which was in this shirt pocket. Ralph was so mad that his prize possession was broken. Ryan and Brad felt so bad that they decided to surprise Ralph with a new mode of transportation. The boys bought Ralph a brand new car so that he could ride around his hotel with his cousins.
At the end of the story… Ralph went back to the hotel and made a deal with his cousins, if they’d be good they could drive his brain new car! So they were very good! And Rodger and Ryan became best friends!