Tomas and the Library Lady


1. Partner up with someone from your group.
2. Decide on another groups story web to review
3. Each group web is posted below.
4. Think independently (without talking to your partner) about:

  • 1 way their web is similar to yours
  • 1 way it is different from yours
  • 1 tip that would strengthen their web (think carefully...this could be about font size, layout, details, organization, etc.)


1. Share your thoughts from the 3 points above with your partner
2. Decide which similarity, difference and tip you will offer the other group.

1. Click on discussion tab at the top of this page
2. Find the group # of the group whose story web you reviewed
3. Click on their group #
4. Post your similarity, difference and tip in the dialogue box
5. Be sure to click POST to save


1. Read the connections and tips you received from other groups
2. In your own groups Reflection area (click on discussion tab), please post answers to the following questions

  • Which tips would you use to strengthen, or support your story web?
  • How would this experience have been different if other groups had been able to strengthen, or make changes to your web for you?

Small Group Story Maps

Richard, Jamar, Dylan, Sean F, Jilly, Allison


Maximos, Ann, Renee, Louis, Zavier


Max C, Carlos, Carolyn, Natalie, Sean L

Brianna, Andrew, Malia, Anthony, Leah