Title: Blood on the river
Author: Elisa Carbone
Many things happened in the last chapters of Blood on the River. John Laydon got married to Ann and they had a baby. This was the first marriage and baby in the camp. Then, one day Captain Smith went to go trade with the Powhatans, and he was taking a nap by gun powder and the powder started on fire and it blew up his knee. Then he jumped over the edge of the boat to cool his leg off and almost drowned but the other crewmembers saved him. When he got back he told the camp that he wanted better medicine, so he went back to England with Richard. The settlers started building a cabin up the river towards the Chesapeake Bay because winter was coming and they always got sick in James Town. Samuel asked John Laydon if his wife, Ann, needed help but she was not going up the river. Samuel was worried that if Ann and the baby stayed, they would become sick. So Samuel asked Ann if he could take the baby for a walk and she said yes. Samuel thought if he brought the baby upstream, Ann would follow him. Samuel got caught and he got in trouble, but the good news was that she was staying upriver. When the winter came, the people who stayed in James Town were dying and there were only six people left. News of a new governor brought more people from England to the camp. These new settlers started killing the Indians and steeling their food. This made the Powhatans very angry and they stopped trading with the settlers and a war began. The settlers won the war and started taking over more land. In my opinion, I would not fight with the Indians because they were there first. I would try to be friends with them and I would try to trade with them.