Title: 50 things every young gentleman should know
Author: John bridges and Bryan Curtis

I’m taking a class that teaches me how to be a gentleman and I am reading how to be a gentleman too.
Table Manners: Put your napkin on your lap right when you sit down.
Put your knife and fork on your plate after you used them. Sample a small portion of a dish that you have never tried. Don’t blow your nose on your napkin because you might need to use it later in the dinner. If you are going over to someone house and you can’t eat something then tell them before they make the dinner. Use your napkin to wipe your hands and mouth. Put your napkin on the table after you are done eating so that the waitress or waiter knows to take your plate.
Sportsmanship: Say good game if you win your lose. Say good job to the losing team. Don’t brag to the losing team. You can celebrate but not in a bragging way. If you know you are going to lose still try. Say thank you when someone compliments your skill.